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Welcome to our transformative membership community, where we understand your craving for mentorship and guidance as you navigate your 'healthy girl era'. 


We know that connecting with like-minded women who inspire, support, and encourage you is essential. That's why we're here to provide you with the resources and tools you need to bring balance back into your body, mind, gut, and life.


In this community, no topic is too taboo. This is your safe space to openly share, learn, ask questions, and grow. Prepare to meet your wellness besties and experience the joy of being truly seen, heard, held, and supported!


Within this community, you'll embark on a life-changing journey that will revolutionize your wellness practices. We'll guide you as you cultivate more balance and ease in your mindset, microbiome, hormones, and daily routines. Say “goodbye” to uncertainty and “hello” to a thriving and vibrant lifestyle.


Join us and get ready to embrace the transformation you've been longing for. Together, we'll create a community where you can thrive, nourish your soul, and become the best version of yourself. Get ready to unlock a world of inspiration, empowerment, and unlimited possibilities. Your new chapter of wellness begins here.

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Orange Flower

The Membership is perfect for you if...

  • You've experienced the loneliness and isolation of healing and yearn for genuine human connection, unwavering support, and validation.

  • You crave mentorship & coaching but the cost has always stood in your way. No more barriers!

  • You're prepared to take your healing journey to unprecedented heights, fully embracing and owning this as your HEALTHY GIRL ERA.

  • You know that accountability is the key to success, and you're eager to have a solid support system that keeps you on track.

  • You're ready to conquer candida and bid farewell to gut issues once and for all!

  • You're prepared to dive deep into the mind/body/soul connections of your health issues, unlocking the path to healing, thriving and feeling your absolute best. 

Here's what you'll gain
by joining us...

  • Achieve a harmonious balance in your mind, gut, and body, allowing you to reclaim your overall well-being.

  • Discover the art of nourishing your body in the most effective way, supported by easily accessible meal plans and mouth-watering recipes.

  • Cultivate a repertoire of daily habits, routines, and rituals that provide unwavering support for your well-being journey.

  • Forge deep and meaningful connections with like-minded women, as well as with yourself, through transformative guided meditations, empowering workshops, and engaging activities.

  • Benefit from Shannon's invaluable mentorship and guidance, alongside the uplifting support of our community members.

  • Access a wealth of tools and resources designed to help you overcome persistent challenges such as recurring yeast infections, BV, chronic bloat, anxiety, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) symptoms.

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Take the leap!

Join our community today to unlock a world of support, inspiration, and empowerment as you step into a healthier, more vibrant version of yourself. It's time to make your wellness journey an extraordinary one!

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Hi, I'm Shannon

If you're new here, let me introduce myself

Here's me in a nutshell: In my mid-late twenties I was a stressed AF workaholic with recurring gut & vaginal health issues. I worked 40+ hours a week, suffered from panic attacks, made barely any money, was a proud people-pleaser, struggled with poor memory, weight gain, and low libido, and thought I was "healthy" but had no idea how to actually nourish my body.

Cut to my my mid-late thirties...I'm now a meditating mama and self-employed with a thriving health coaching practice. I understand how to balance nutrition to feel my best. I'm no longer bloated and have gone nearly SIX years now without a yeast infection. (mind-boggling... I never thought I'd be able to say that!)


I've closely helped over 100 women in my coaching programs to target their gut & vaginal health issues, helping them finally feel in control of their bodies again. One of the things I'm most passionate about is helping to normalize stigmatized or taboo health issues, to help you see that you are NOT alone. So I talk about things on social media & in this membership that you may not feel comfortable chatting to your girlfriends about.


One of my absolute favorite things to do is bring women together in safe spaces where they can feel safe asking questions, sharing & learning from each other's shared experiences. I can't wait to support you in this way in our new membership community!

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The Balance Collective Spaces

To unique spaces designed to help you learn, grow, heal, and connect more deeply with other women who are on their own similar health journey


Resources to help you cultivate more BALANCE in your gut health, mindset, nutrition, habits, microbiome, and more, all right at your fingertips! 


Get access to my paid digital products for free, including my Candida Diet Survival Guide, Holiday Gut Health Guide, and Meal Plan Bundle (over $100 in value!)


Plus, get impactful, helpful, and inspiring resources in each of these areas, with NEW content added every single month!

  • Candida & Yeast Infection Support

  • Meal Plans & Gut-Friendly Recipes

  • Digestion & Gut Health Support

  • Vaginal & Hormone Health

  • Up-leveling your Habits, Routines & Daily Rituals

  • Stress & Mindset Support....and more!


Get PDF handouts, recorded meditations & video lessons, recordings of past live coaching calls or trainings, e-books, and more. This is your HUB for all things health & wellness!


Plus, you can always request new resources or topics you'd like to have covered!



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Mentorship, Community, Connection, Deep Healing & Growth

This is the best access to mentorship, coaching, and support from me, at the lowest price ever offered. 

Every Single Month You Can Expect:

  • A Coaching & Connection Call

  • A Candida Support & Accountability Call

  • An Expansion call (focus shifts monthly -- examples: guest speakers, guided meditation & journaling, special training calls and more)


Plus These Perks:

  • Full access to The Library -- jam-packed w/ resources to help you, with new content added every month

  • Exclusive community chat & accountability space

  • Priority & Discounted access to my other coaching programs

This is a golden opportunity to access exclusive mentorship, coaching, invaluable resources, and unwavering accountability.


Together, we'll uncover your biggest health goals, demolish any obstacles in your path, create personalized systems for your success, and provide loving accountability as you strive to achieve greatness. Prepare for a complete transformation of your mindset, physical well-being, daily routines, relationships, and so much more, all with compassionate guidance and unwavering support. 

Not only will you have direct access to Shannon and her mentorship, but you'll also connect with a vibrant community of like-minded women who are navigating their own healing journeys and are eager to connect and uplift you on yours.

Need a specific topic, resource, or training? We're here to cater to your needs and provide resources and calls that will support your growth. Just let us know, and we'll make it happen!

Summer presents the perfect opportunity to realign with your goals and health practices for the second half of the year. Give yourself an extraordinary gift as you look ahead and prepare for success.


Join our community, embrace the mentorship, and implement the systems that will elevate your health, mindset, and overall life. Don't miss out on this remarkable opportunity to invest in yourself and embark on a journey of profound transformation.

Ways to join
The Balance Collective Community

The Library


* 3 month commitment min.

Resource Library packed with tools to help you heal, grow, and cultivate more ease, balance & peace. 




  • Topics covered: candida overgrowth/yeast infections, gut health, digestion, nutrition, mindset support, hormone health, stress management...

  • Resources include: video lessons, PDFs, recorded meditations, sample meal plans & grocery lists, e-books, worksheets, supplement recommendations and more. You're encouraged to make requests!

  • NEW content added every single month.

  • Free chat space to ask questions, request trainings/resources

  • Free Access to my current digital products (over $100 value)

The Inner Circle


*3 month commitment min.

Exclusive space for community, mentorship, expansion, accountability & connection. 


Includes everything in The Library, plus:


  • 3 Community calls/month

  • Mentorship coaching & connection calls

  • Candida support & accountability calls

  • Expansion calls (special guest teachers and healers, live workshops, guided meditations, and more - requests are encouraged!)

  • Community chat space for sharing resources, support, wins and challenges with the community

  • A focus on supporting your WHOLE self -- mind, body/gut, heart, and soul. Get ready to up-level your health in all these areas!

  • Discounted and/or first spots in new programs

  • Opportunity to book one-off 1:1 calls with Shannon

Please Note: Membership rates will be increasing to

$35/month for The Library and $55/month for the Inner Circle on October 3, 2023.

Working with Shannon has been exactly what I've needed.

 Having support 24/7 and not feeling like I was going through it all alone made the biggest difference to my mindset. My overall health and mindset has improved dramatically! Shannon has so much knowledge to share and I have genuinely learnt a lot from her that I am now applying to my everyday life. Thank you Shannon.

Hannah H

Are you ready to finally take your gut health & mindfulness practices to the next level?

See you in the membership!

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