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Craving deeper healing, connection, growth & adventure?

After the last few years, many are looking to create deeper connections with others, to manage our stress better, and to support our overall health, mind, body, and spirit.

And we're craving the energy that comes from immersive in-person experiences and travel with like-minded friends.

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  • You've felt alone or isolated the last 3 years and are craving more human connection

  • You're ready to take your healing to another level in an intimate group setting

  • You've missed traveling and are ready to pack your bags

  • You want to explore mind/body/soul connections to your health


  • You'll create deeper connections, both outward and inward through guided meditations, workshops, and activities

  • You'll be with an intimate group of new friends for an unforgettable experience together

  • You'll explore and travel together, while creating amazing memories

  • You'll get to move your body, learn, breathe and connect daily


Here's a peek at our most recent retreats -  more to be announced in 2024!


April 28 - May 1, 2022 in Ojai, CA
A beautiful, long weekend of rest, relaxation & connection.

A blissful weekend full of reflection, movement, and self-exploration in magical Ojai, California. Each day we explored different aspects of our physical and emotional well-being and their interconnectedness to the nervous system. Through meditation, yoga, nutrition, and coaching guests had the opportunity to move through the layers of their being and truly connect with themselves, leaving with practical tools to change the way they manage stress.

We were nourished daily with healthy comfort foods, and enjoyed treats like massage, reiki, sound healing, pool time, and more.

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June 11-18, 2022 in Gubbio, Italy
Deep healing by way of fun, relaxation, connection, and living your best life - 7 days in the Umbrian Countryside at the gorgeous villa Locanda del Gallo.

When was the last time you paused just to focus on YOU?


The past two years have affected everyone, from deepening anxiety to unease or even distress, both physically and mentally. This wellness retreat was born out of our own desire to find space for ourselves and to support others in creating that space. The choice of space is very intentional - a beautiful country rich with history, culture, and life’s pleasure, and a community of like-minded individuals to share with, grow, and reclaim ourselves. Every day we moved, breathed and learned in guided self-discovery workshops, enjoying Italian-inspired meals with a healthy & modern twist. In addition to exploring the villa grounds and spa, we enjoyed excursions to Gubbio's market day, a special wine tasting and meal in a castle, a visit to Assisi, and more. Guests left feeling more connected (to themselves and their 16 new best friends!), grounded and relaxed. We truly lived our best lives!

"ALL of thoughtful themes, discourse, treats, activities felt so special. Being taken care of so well was nourishing to my bones. I am still in a deep state of awe and gratitude."

Kristin D.

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Are you ready to take your health & mindfulness practices to the next level?

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