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Are you tired of struggling with chronic health issues no matter how hard you try to fix them?

For years I struggled with bloating, chronic yeast infections, anxiety, and low energy. I thought in order to get better I had to be 100% perfect. But all that did was stress me out and make me feel worse. After years of trying to be perfect, I came to this realization: The stress of trying to be perfect is more harmful to my body than whatever food I'm eating. 


When I say the stress is more harmful, I don’t mean just mentally.

When you’re stressed, you compromise the vagus nerve that’s responsible for proper digestion and healing. That means if I’m in a state of stress, of course I’m going to be bloated! No matter what food I eat. Once I learned how to create a real, doable routine that I would actually stick to, my body was finally able to heal.

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The crazy thing is this is true for everything in life. Starting a new business. Raising happy, resilient kids. Learning how to do a handstand. It all starts with your mindset.

That’s why when we work together, we’ll dig way deeper than a list of foods you can eat. Don’t worry, you’ll get that too (and I bet you can eat more than you think). But I also work with every client to design their own personalized plan.

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Does this sound like you?

  • You strive for the perfect morning routine but always fall short

  • You must follow the candida diet to a T or else you’ll fail

  • If you eat an ounce of sugar you feel like you need to start all over again on day 1

  • You want the perfect IG-worthy pantry (ya know, all mason jars with custom labels)

  • You give 110% of yourself to your job and family, but not to your needs

  • You repeatedly start new healthy habits, only to crash and burn a week later

  • You feel like you lack willpower and may never feel good again



  • Explore the big life goals that your health and habits are holding you back from achieving so we can make a plan to get you there

  • Incorporate breathing techniques to bring your body out of “fight or flight” and into “rest and digest” healing mode

  • Support your nutrition and help you to feel empowered in the kitchen

  • Help you understand the messages your body sends through physical symptoms

  • Explore other tools to support your body & mind like journaling, grounding and meditating, always meeting you exactly where you are

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Sure, let’s heal your gut.
But let’s also make your life amazing!

We’ll develop your own signature Happy Belly Habits: your personalized daily practice that helps keep your body in healing mode.


  • What’s the next step to work with you?
    All you need to do is schedule your discovery call & fill out an application form! On the call we'll chat about your needs and next steps. Please note, these calls are free but there is a $50 no-show or late cancel fee, so please choose a time that will work well for you to show up.
  • What’s the cost of coaching?
    On our discovery call we'll discuss the investment of time, energy, and finances, along with all that's included in the coaching program.
  • What are your credentials?
    I'm certified as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I've also taken advanced courses on gut health.
  • Do you offer one off sessions?
    My goal as your coach is to help you thrive and reach your personal goals through establishing new healthy habits and routines, as well as shifting your nutrition and mindset. With this in mind, I mostly only work with clients in a 3+ month coaching container so we can really create long-lasting change to your health, habits & lifestyle. That said, I do offer a few one-off deep dive calls per month, based on availability. You can find info on those calls here.

Are you ready to feel better?

  • Like you have your life back

  • More in control of your plans (no more canceling because you’re too bloated or stressed)

  • A deeper connection to your body

  • More grounded and clear-headed

  • More energized

  • In control around food (in fact, my goal is to help you add MORE food)

You deserve to feel GREAT in your body again!

It’s time to overcome negative thought cycles and to take back control of your health.

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Her compassion and encouragement helped me grow tremendously.

My health journey started over 10 years ago and I have seen every practitioner imaginable without much success. Working with Shannon was a pivotal moment in my healing journey. Knowing she had been through the same health issue and can relate to me on a physical and emotional level in regard to this situation was a huge help. Her compassion and encouragement helped me grow tremendously and I now have the tools and the confidence I needed to live a life free of recurring infections!



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