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Take back control of your health – and your life. Feel like yourself again.

Trying to heal yourself? Whether it’s from a bloated belly, chronic candida, or a soul-sucking job, I can almost guarantee this: You’re putting too much pressure on yourself.

You can heal yourself – and live the life you are meant to live – with a simple routine that won’t stress you out, drain your willpower, or make you give up all the things you love.

“One of the best investments I have ever made for my health! I have found a happiness I haven’t felt in YEARS.”


Here’s the thing...

No diet in the world is going to heal you if you’re stressed out. The secret to feeling like yourself again? A sustainable practice that feels as second nature as brushing your teeth.


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After years of punishing myself for having one cookie (and ruining 2 months of progress!), I finally had this realization:

The stress of trying to be perfect is more harmful to my body than whatever food I’m eating.

So I set out to change that.

Hi there, I’m Shannon!

I'm a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, matcha latte addict, mama, and overall wellness fanatic.

For years I struggled with bloating, chronic yeast infections, and low energy. I thought in order to get better I had to be 100% perfect:

  • Have the perfect morning routine

  • Meditate for exactly 30 minutes every morning at 6AM

  • Follow the candida diet to a T

  • Not eat an ounce of sugar (if I did, I’d have to start ALL over again)

  • Have a the perfect IG-worthy pantry (ya know, all mason jars with custom labels)

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Here are 3 ways I help people get out of a state of stress so they can start to feel amazing:

Work with Shannon


Healthy Salad

When I work with clients, we dig way deeper than a list of foods you can eat. We’ll find your sources of stress, decode the messages your body is sending you, and give it what it needs. I’ll help you build a doable routine that makes you feel amazing — not just in your body, but in your life.


Group Medidation.HEIC

Looking for more Ease in your routines, mindset, physical health, relationships & more? HELLO EASE doors are open (early bird through 8/25!). Get ready to dive deep in this immersive & intimate group experience. Over 8 weeks we'll nourish your mind, body & soul -  with weekly live calls, slack community & special guest speakers.


Taking Notes

Looking for support as you navigate your 'healthy girl era'?

Get ready for growth, expansion, learning, connection, up-leveling your health, and cultivating a life of balance with your new wellness besties!Check out the brand new membership community space!

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Sure, let’s heal your gut.
But let’s also make your life amazing.

Working with me you’ll feel:

  • Like you have your life back

  • More in control (no more canceling plans because you’re too bloated or stressed)

  • A deeper connection to your body — finally able to understand the messages it’s sending

  • More grounded and clear-headed

  • More energized

  • In control around food (in fact, my goal is to help you add MORE food)

“You’ve helped me see things clearer in all aspects of my life including my work.”

I’ve felt more heard and understood by you than any other coach or therapist I’ve worked with in the past...One of the things I will hold close to me in life is the work we did around my own beliefs holding me back, old luggage from generations before me that doesn’t even belong to me. It’s something I have thought of lots and I know I’m going to do lots of work on myself armed with this new information. You’re an all rounder! You’re not just about food, it’s the whole picture and you really genuinely care. Once again, I thank you for everything.


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“Working with Shannon has helped me to realize very important aspects of myself that have been getting in the way of me meeting my health goals, things that have been frustrating me for a long time that I was not able to identify.”

I feel much more confident about addressing the deeply rooted beliefs about myself that have kept me from living my best and healthiest life. I know the small changes we have made together over the last three months will have long-term effects and stick with me moving forward. Thank you so much!


“Shannon is truly gifted and I would strongly recommend her to anyone wanting to get to the healthier version of themselves!”

I have now finished my 3 month coaching with Shannon and I am so sad its over! It has been such an incredible journey, and each week has felt like a small weight has been lifted. As we dug deeper and deeper into the emotional stressors that have been triggers for me, I learnt so much about myself and really saw how cruel I was treating myself and my body. With Shannon's help, I gained the tools and the self empowerment to do something about this.



I can't wait to dig in and work with you!

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