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When was the last time you felt truly at ease?


I mean REALLY at ease. No stress over your health or anxiety about work. Feeling deeply connected to your body, in love with your daily routines, and at peace in your mind. 


Has it been months? Years? Longer than you can even remember?


If you're craving balance, peace & more ease in your life... you've come to the right place.


Did you know?

Whether your body is fighting chronic stressinflammationcandida overgrowth, an autoimmune condition, gut or mental health issues, hormone imbalance, or any other condition, the body is working hard as it strives to reach balance and ease again.

"Disease" simply means there is "Dis-Ease" in the body -- a disruption of the body's normal state of balance and harmony, leading to discomfort, dysfunction, or distress.


Conditions like these, as well as stressors from everyday life can also lead to dis-ease in your sleep, mental health, routines, relationships, and especially your quality of life.

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  • Discouraged with where you are in life

  • Disconnected from your body

  • Discomfort from painful symptoms

  • Dismissed by doctors or loved ones

  • Disheartened with relationship or love life

  • Distrustful of doctors to actually help you

  • Disassociated from your life's purpose

  • Disgruntled and burnt out

  • Discontent with your daily routines and life


  • Grounded and calm

  • Heard and seen

  • Clear about your next steps

  • In love with yourself

  • Excited about the future

  • Deeply connected with your body

  • In control of your physical symptoms

  • Recommitted to your health goals

  • In love with your daily routines

  • Empowered, happy & healthy

You deserve to finally feel some ease.

Let's drop the 'Dis' and say hello to a life of Ease.

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Join me for an immersive 8 week group course, where together we'll deeply explore 4 key areas to help you live a life of ease.


Burnt out from work? Tired of being tired AF? Craving a routine that you actually love? Feeling frustrated and unfulfilled in your relationships? Feel like you're in conflict with your body? If any of these ring true...this course is for you.


When was the last time you spent 8 weeks focused solely on your mind, heart, body & soul? It's time to give yourself the love and attention that you deserve, and do it with nurturing guidance and community support.  Make this the year that things finally change for you, the year that you finally prioritize EASE.

Expect weekly group coaching sessions, incredible guest teachers, a supportive community of others who are ready to learn, grow, support and heal right along with you. 

How do you want to feel in 8 weeks? If the answer is more balanced, at peace, connected, grounded and AT EASE... then this is for you.

We start mid-February! More specific details & weekly call schedule will be shared after sign-up.

Dis-couraged with your health?

I was, too. I struggled for years with chronic digestive, vaginal, and mental health issues. I was riddled with severe anxiety, recurring yeast infections, painful bloating, intense PMS, weight gain I couldn't control, and other frustrating and painful symptoms for years and years. 


Working to change my nutrition was the first step to healing. But true, long-term health and peace finally came once I began to shift my internal environment (the one that allowed for my body's lack of ease to occur in the first place!). I focused on mindset, my emotional health, setting boundaries, connecting inward with meditation, incorporating supportive movement, cultivating aligned daily rituals, and many more skills and tools I've built up over the years.


As a health coach, my mission is to help you do the same. Hello, Ease was created after working with over 100 women on their gut & vaginal health and seeing that almost all of them needed the same kind of deeper inner healing. This program focuses on 4 key elements that I see are the most common needs to help you get back in balance and living with ease.


Whether it's painful infections, chronic stress, autoimmune conditions, frustrating digestive issues, feelings of anxiety or depression, or simply an overall sense of discontent and discomfort with your life, your routines, habits, and thoughts... I am here to tell you it doesn't always need to be this way. It can be better. It can be easier. And I'll help hold your hand as you begin to navigate this new path!

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I became a different person at my core.

"Working with Shannon has been one of the most meaningful and drastic moments in my life! I cannot stress enough how I became a different person at the core going through this program. Everything changed for me! I highly recommend investing in yourself and working for a better life, a better mind, and getting to know yourself at a whole different level. I experienced changes I wasn't even expecting, which turned out to be the biggest lessons throughout our time together. Thank you so much, Shannon!" - LAURA Z.

How do you live a life of ease?

Your Mindset, Heartset, Soulset, and Healthset are the key aspects that contribute to your overall well-being and sense of balance.

Here's a brief explanation of each area that we'll dive into during this course:


What you REALLY get:

  • Live a life of more ease: mind, body & spirit

  • Cultivate a deeper connection with yourself

  • Discover a renewed love of life

  • Bring your body back into balance

  • Form connections with likeminded new friends

  • Have an aligned routine that you actually love

  • Gain tools to manage stress, strengthen your mindset, and nourish your body & mind

What's included?

  • 8 weeks of live calls​

  • Education & group coaching

  • Incredible guest speakers

  • Worksheets to help guide you

  • Short video lessons to help you cultivate ease

  • Sample 7 day meal plan for optimized gut health

  • Online community for accountability & support

  • Journal prompts & helpful exercises

  • Access to a special virtual retreat**

  • 1:1 Coaching Call **


**special early bird bonus!

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What We'll Cover:

Together, we'll dive deep into these 4 core themes to help you tap into a life of balance, health & more ease:


  • Stress management education & tools

  • Mindset support, optimize self talk & shift your outlook

  • Overcoming mindset blocks & limiting beliefs

  • Stress management & mindfulness tools for healing 

  • Implementing habits & routines that actually stick


  • Why mindset is nothing without a strong heartset

  • Feeling, processing, and regulating your emotions

  • Stuck emotions & your physical symptoms

  • Self love, affirmations & mantras

  • Tools to cultivate a strong heartset


  • Embodied, aligned movement for healing

  • Supportive movement practices

  • Nourishing your body with whole foods

  • Optimizing gut health

  • Why & how to up your sleep game


  • Tap into your intuition & tune into your “gut” instinct

  • Live the life you were meant to lead

  • Align your daily life & routines with your values

  • Meditation guidance to help you turn inward & connect

  • Tools to help you manifest & live your life with intention

Group Medidation.HEIC

Frequently Asked Questions

(P.S. Have a question not answered here? Email us).
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Kind Words From Past Clients

I feel connected to my soul, mind, and body.

I am surprised with how much I've connected with myself. I feel like I found the version of me I've wanted back for so long, and I'm devoted to myself like I've never been before. I truly want to be the greatest Sydney I can be. I feel incredible, thankful, motivated, and empowered. I feel connected to my soul, mind, and body

Sydney T.
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Let's make this the year that things finally come into balance and ease for you.

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