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Does Your Gut Need Some Love?

Whether it’s to stop embarrassing digestive issues, target your vaginal health, support your mental health, clear your skin issues, or more….There are so many reasons to focus on your gut health.

But where do you even begin?

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  • Trying to stick to a healthier diet

  • Trying to create healthy habits that stick

  • Feeling sluggish or low energy

  • Brain fog or trouble focusing

  • Trying to lose weight

  • Loose stools or constipation

  • Eczema, skin rashes. or dandruff

  • Yeast infections or BV

  • Canker sores


  • More clarity around food choices

  • No more embarrassing bloating or gas

  • Recommitted to your health goals

  • In control of your cravings

  • Confident in your body

  • Free of vaginal issues

  • Clear-headed

  • Empowered

  • Healthy

Get ready to feel in control!

Say bye to bloat, Stop the itching, Take epic shits, Understand how to fuel your body, Regain energy, Cut the brain fog, and Implement healthy habits you've always wanted.

The 7-Day Gut Health Reset Course

I know how overwhelming gut "cleanses" and "diets" can be -- you feel like you aren't able to eat anything! You feel LESS energy instead of MORE, you may even struggle to go #2 for days on a cleanse. This isn't what this reset is about.

Over 7 days I'll give you guidance and tools to help you lose that bloat, kick those pesky sugar cravings, ditch the brain fog, and set yourself up to feel amazing in your body! But we'll do it in a way that allows you to feel nourished, not deprived.

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And this is only the beginning. Healing your gut from dysbiosis (aka an imbalance) is all about following 4 key steps known as the 4 Rs of gut health!: Remove, Replace, Reinoculate & Repair. As we move throughout the week we'll learn about each of these & implement simple nutrition & lifestyle tools to help you start to feel better the very first week.

And it's all done without feeling deprived, lost, or alone. You've got me with you every step of the way for 7 whole days as you begin your gut reset journey! Get a taste of 1:1 coaching with me for a fraction of the price, in this self-paced course, which you can revisit as many times as you'd like if you ever feel like you're in need of a little refresher or reset.

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  • 7 days of short video lessons about key gut health topics

  • 7-day sample meal plan, including grocery lists & recipes

  • Daily challenges to help you maximize your 7-day reset, aiming to gently nudge you out of your comfort zone around foods and other habits

  • Daily journal prompts to encourage deeper exploration

  • Food & Mood Journal template

  • Handouts & PDF attachments to accompany the day's videos

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  • The 4 R's of Gut Health

  • Real, whole food nutrition

  • Mindset support

  • Stress management tools

  • Movement for gut health

  • Supplements for your gut

  • Nourishing recipes

  • Prebiotics

  • Probiotics

  • Fiber and more!

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We felt better for those 7 days than we had in a long while.

Shannon was an amazing guide through our reset. She provided recipes to make it easy to stick to. The best part was it wasn’t just a 7 day reset, it changed what we decided to eat going forward. My coffee-addicted husband now only drinks matcha.

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Ready to feel better? Start your reset today!

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